John O Doe commented on May 17, 2010

Never cluster NTF files

Hi as side from template is their any files need to disable when applying server cluster

Fred Janssen commented on Nov 20, 2007

Never cluster NTF files

Tempaltes can always be used from 1 (or 2) central "template servers" containing alle standard templates.

log.ntf and mailbox.ntf should be on all servers.

Mail templates should be on all mail servers.

For the rest: only the templtes that are needed on those servers

Jérôme Deniau commented on Nov 7, 2007

Never cluster NTF files

Well of course we do not replicate templates, but I do think we should never never remove any templates, for instance if you need to activate a feature in the future, you wil encounter some problem if you work on the clustr mate (DECSADM for instance).

I would rather:

- Disable replication on all templates

- Modify ALL production database for Design -> only update design on administration server.