Robbert de Zeeuw commented on Feb 13, 2014

Re: Only save a new field to a document if is not blank

Hi Eric,

I hope you can help me. I studied your iNotes customization example video ( and have been looking in the wiki, but being "only" a hard core Lotus Notes developper, it is hard for me to get it working and I'm in a hurry for a simple and one time customization. Therefore I decided to also adjust the forms9.nsf instead of only using forms9_x.nsf. Using s_AppointmentDictionary, l_AppointmentEdit and Custom_JS_Lite (the last one only for return false if the custom field is empty), I managed to put a custom radio button field on the appointment form which is working except for the fact that opening an existing / saved appointment does not show the selected option / value during creating the new document.

I would very much appreciate if you can give some hints.

Thanks in advance

Robbert de Zeeuw (