Mark E Gifford commented on Jun 3, 2015

Re: Retrieve archived documents

This video is ridiculous. The suggestion you give has the end result of two copies of the same message in two separate .nsf files.

If there is no way to TRULY "unarchive" then you should just say that. If the best advice you have is to manually move it back, tell people to "cut and paste" instead of "copy and paste."

David Zwerlin commented on Mar 5, 2015

Archive Mailbox Reverter for IBM Lotus Notes

If you need to move back 1000's of messages for single or multiple users you might want to try the tool below. I actually used it myself during a message migration to retract all local and server archives back to user server mailboxes. It worked quite nicely and even supports archives located on external USB drives.

Archive Mailbox Reverter for IBM Lotus Notes

Archive mailbox reversion tool

• Copy server and local archived mail items to server mailbox

• Consolidate multiple archives to server mailbox

• Supports archives on server, local, external devices

• Centralized logging to monitor multiple users

tags: archive, undo, unarchive, revert, restore, retract, reverse, retrieve