Bastian Wieczorek commented on Feb 11, 2008


For the encrypted_password to be written to this Variable in the NOTES.INI

file, you must use the "Set" Configuration server command to specify the


The password can be a combination of letters and numbers. When this Variable is

added to the NOTES.INI file, Domino activates the Set Secure command to secure

the server console. The password provided should be different from the

administrator's user password. If you forget the console password, delete this

variable from the NOTES.INI file, and then re-specify a password.

Set Secure password

The password locks the Notes server from being shutdown by Quit or Exit or by

"q" or "e" typed at the console. Note that you can still enter console commands

such as Show Server, but you cannot down the Notes server except by server

powerdown. When this command is entered, a following new line is added to the



Removing this line will NOT have any effect on the password set. To remove the

password, terminate the server, remove the line from the notes.ini and restart

the server.

Applies to:


Default Value:


UI equivalent:

None, although you can specify this setting in the NOTES.INI Settings tab of the Configuration Settings document in the Domino Directory.



Available since:

Lotus Notes/Domino x.x.x

Obsolete since:

Lotus Notes/Domino x.x.x