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Nov 21, 2018, 11:37 AM
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Suggestions on consolidation

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I have a challenge where I need to consolidate and centralize 50 servers. Currently the setup is as follows. Around 50 servers connect to hub servers. All users access their mail via Lotus Notes client.The environment has around 3000 users and 7TB of mailfiles.

We now want to consolidate to 9 or less servers and centralize these servers and let everybody access their mail via inotes. Any tips and or suggestions regarding this endevour? 

We will be using VMWare and VMWAR VSAN. Suggestions and experiences regarding HA and DRS with regards to Domino are welcome. Would you still use clustering ?



Nov 21, 2018, 12:00 PM
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Some Thoughts & Questions...

Are the iNotes servers new or existing servers?

Yes, I would cluster, more for backup/dat loss prevention than iNotes failover, because last i knew, iNotes/ iNotes Redirect (IWAREDIR.NTF) are not cluster aware.

I'd first setup/configure/test the iNotes servers. Once you're happy that iNotes is working, you can use the Admin client/AdminP process to move users to the iNotes server(s) where you'd like them.

As you're moving users, you can run decommission reports on the servers that you'd like to remove (again using Admin client) to see what other functions might be affected by the server removal.

Once all the users/functions are moved off each server, you can remove the server (again using adminP).

Keep an eye on the Administration Requests database throughout the process.

One other note - you might want to verify the ACL of user mail files during the move process, especially if users are not using their Notes clients during the process. I ran into issues with some user ACLs not being updated.


Nov 21, 2018, 6:04 PM
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RE: Suggestions on consolidation

G'Day Tibor

I have worked on project were the infrastructure went from hundreds of servers on hardware (Tin) to a couple of VMware servers HP that had approx 500 VMs per HP server :)

What is the business reason for the driver of this project ?

Are you talking VMware clustering or Dom. clustering ?

Are you only using Dom. for mail ( No apps ) ?

Do you currently have domcfg & login DB setup for inotes users ?

Do you currently have a password 'reset' DB ?

What is currently flavour of Dom. / Notes client ?

How many Hub servers ?

Can you have 2 x VMware servers in different physical locations ?

Do you want someone to 'help' out with the new design, I have a lot of VBA & C# code for Visio Automation, what drawing app. do you us ?


Nov 25, 2018, 8:48 AM
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Make sure you start syncing the personal nab with the mail file.  This can be done via policy

If you have sametime they will need to configure that  for inotes.

Create a fqn name for the one of the hubs and place inotes redirect.  This way the user does not need to know where their mail file is located and automatically get redirected to the server


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