Matthew Geiger commented on Jan 17, 2014

Re: A Simple jQuery Web Experience Factory Sample

Please disregard my prior comment. It is documented to download and config the jQuery components.

I did do that, but failed to "Refresh" my project and verify that I could hit the JS from a browser.

I was running the models, and the jQuery components were not displaying. In FireBug, it was complaining about accordion, and it turned out that my JS and CSS files were not being found. I tested it by doing a "View Source" from the browser where I was running the model and it could not find my jQuery files.

I then "Refreshed" my project, by right-clicking in the Designer, and selected Refresh. Ran the model, viewed the source and verified that the JS was available and the paths were correct.

The model ran fine at that point

Matthew Geiger commented on Jan 16, 2014

Re: A Simple jQuery Web Experience Factory Sample

Hey Mike -- I love the post, but have a small issue. The appropriate jquery files are not in the archive. Nor are they in any of the other packages as well. FYI - the path in the Builder UI is referencing jquery in one of the packages it creates a jQuery path.

These are missing: