dembaremba commented on Jun 4, 2008

Development Tomcat Deployment Scenario

Thanks for the reply. I have eclipse installed on linux (ubuntu 8.04) and i managed to get portlet factory running as well. I'm also running tomcat5.5 on that same linux platform.

However i manager to fix the problem (part of it). Firstly, I think I was using the wrong webapps directory. I noticed that there was a /usr/share/tomcat5.5-webapps AND a /usr/share/tomcat5.5/webapps. The latter is the correct one or at least works for me. Secondly, there a couple directories whose access rights needed to be set to read/write. I fixed access for the following folders (all in /usr/share/tomcat5.5/) : webapps/ work/ shared/ logs/ i.e. making sure that they have read/write access.

Then from eclipse, running the model works just fine.

NB: My first attempted didn't work complaining about the preview_webapp.jsp missing or something. I then simply copied the last bit of the url after "redirectTo=" and the model rendered fine.

bosox commented on Jun 4, 2008

Development Tomcat Deployment Scenario

Hi Jason,

You mentioned that you followed the steps on Linux. Does this mean that you have eclipse installed with Portlet Factory on your windows machine, but that Tomcat is installed on another machine with a Linux OS?

Can you render any non portlet factory pages from the tomcat server in a browser?

What is the url address in the browser when you try to run the model?

How does it compare to the url for the server? Is the host name correct? Is the port number correct?

Also, consider posting this type of question on the forum.

You can find the list of our forums in this technote.

dembaremba commented on Jun 4, 2008

Development Tomcat Deployment Scenario

Followed these exact steps but in linux (ubuntu). In eclipse, I can created my project (Hellofactory), include the tutorials and samples feature, seems to be deploying without any errors but when I run the model I get this error:

HTTP Status 404 - /HelloFactory/webengine/tutorials/solutions/basics/MyFirstPortlet_Solution

I checked the tomcat5 apps folder and i can see the folder for HelloFactory project but not sure what's going own. Any ideas?