Developing Themes for WebSphere Portal

WebSphere Portal Product Versions

The theme is the face of your Portal site. You don't need to sacrifice scalability, flexibility, and manageability to create a graphical, persuasive, and responsive web experience. This content area is dedicated to helping you develop a web experiences that is visually pleasing, flexible and will keep your users coming back for more.

The WebSphere Portal Technical community will continue publishing articles to assist in customizing the portal user interface.

Websphere Portal 8.5 Screenshot

Version 8.5

Release Date: May 2014

Websphere Portal Screenshot


Release Date: February 2013

Websphere Portal 8.0 Screenshot

Version 8.0

Release Date: May 2012

Websphere Portal Screenshot


Release Date: December 2011

Websphere Portal 7 Screenshot

Version 7

Release Date: September 2010

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