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Bad HTTP status: 404
bopedibop bopedibop 04/21/2015 08:56 AM
Sametime Entry 8.5.2 Windows

I stumbled on a old problem with the DWA contact list (8.5.2)

I just planned to follow this, easy peasy I thought but not.

I cannot get it to work, even if I try to load the sdk on the sametime server it will not run. I also get the prompt for the unsigned applet but if I choose to "run" it it shoudl not be a problem.

But after I installed the newest Java and then it came up with several more java "approve me and me and me"

It seems that I have not found all the latest sametime java updates.

So good I can now run it on the sametime server but still same 404 error on dwa server...

I found this

anymore to install?

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