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Updating Sametime administrative/database passwords
Ben Williams 10:57 AM
Sametime Standard 9.0 Linux

I have a set of templates in which a Community server, DB2, SSC and STProxy are installed. I am redeploying them for various customers but need to update the passwords so that each environment is different.

I have gone through the process for some Connections templates but Sametime is a little more "special."

The primary administrative user is always changed from wasadmin to an LDAP user along with the realm name so that SSO works with Connections. Updating the LDAP bind account requires change the realm name back to defaultwimfilebasedrealm before being able to update the password via "connect to LDAP servers" and then changing the realm name back again.

The main problem is the primary administrative user which originally was wasadmin. This username and password is stored in DB2 when a deployment plan is created and used to install STConsoleServer and STProxy. Documentation suggests that I need to unregister the apps server and then register it again with the different password and username (if it differs).

There are also changes required to update IBM Installation Manager but these are self explanatory.

Has anyone done this, and have they been able to update the application servers afterwards?

If any of the IBM PMR guys are reading then feel free to chip in please :)

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