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RE: Multiple Communities and meeting servers
Sauron d'Mordor 12.Nov.15 03:00 PM a Web browser
General 9.0 All Platforms

>Are the three Community servers part of the same "community" ie can all users log into all the servers for chat and
>awareness? The three meeting servers will be part of the SSC's cell so SSO will be enabled unless you are setting the
>meeting servers up in their own cells which I see no point in doing. SSO will allow all users to log into all three meeting
>servers which is important so the LtpaToken cached in the client from authenticating via username and password or by
>Domino single sign on allows them access to all three Meeting servers.

The servers have presence/chat awareness of each other, yes. I think that is what you mean.

However, there are 3 different SSC's, and so, I gather, 3 different "cells" (sorry 'cell' is a new term for me in ST context, so I'm not sure I am using it correctly... I take it to mean....errrr...ummm.... the management scope of and that right?)..... since there are 3 SSC, I am not sure it is possible for use SSO, but so far in the limited testing I've done it does at least _seem_ to work with http/https auth (using manual user email address and internet password field from domino directory)

>You can add the users username and password in the client for each Meeting server but I see little point as SSO should
>be used.

>Why three servers? Is a centralised approach not a better option for you? Less servers, you can cluster them as they will
>be situated locally to one another to provide resilience. Unless you are using AV then bandwidth should be negligible.

Three servers....why.... yes... <sigh> politics... history... territory... I'm sure you get the picture, so while difficult and sub-optimal to have 3 environments and try to connect them.....probably still easier than the alternative political/mindset shift..... It might...might be possible to get them consolidates to 1 single SSC... but there are multiple domino domains and ST community servers involved...servicing different user bases... is that even possible?

Again, thank you so much for taking your time to answer my mass of questions. You are really helping these ideas gel in my head.... I think I had it kinda sorta right... but I had so many "if this works the way I think" caveats chained together it felt like I was building a house of cards.

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